I (Johnny) was born in Cuba.


After a wild few childhood years, my dad moved the whole family over to Miami… where he opened a small Jewellery shop just off South Beach, this was back in 1980 by the way.

All I remember from this time was that we were very poor and the 5 of us lived in a tiny apartment above the jewellery shop.

My father was a true hustler and soon we moved to a larger apartment and he put me and my sisters through school.

After my dad passed away, I headed over to start a new life in L.A.

I was totally stoked by the street culture over here. I loved the hustle vibe. Players out on the street night and day shifting products.

Some of my boiz started asking about the Cuban Chainz I used to rock from my Dad’s old shop in Miami. Asking how they could get hold of some true gear.

There wasn’t much I could do… my Dad was gone and the shop was no more.

After about the 100th time (lol), I sent an email over to my Dad’s Cuban chain supplier back in Havana asking if he would be able to whip up a couple of chainz for the crew.

To my surprise, he was more than happy too and asked if I wanted a customer logo engraved into the clasp on the 19mm Cuban’s.

So I flew back to Cuba and personally tested 27 different Cuban chain variations to get our triple plated, 18k gold chains just right.

The gold thickness on those bad boi's is just over 2 micron's... the thickest gold plated chains you will find anywhere in Cuba, full stop.

And JIG was born.

Joint Isolation Gear to be exact.

(Of course we have those in solid gold too but we understand that not every Hustler is at that level yet.) 

Our Cuban Chains have been perfected to MAXIMISE the impact they have on people around you:

  • Your fam
  • Your boiz
  • Your hoes
  • Your crew

Everyone... will treat you differently when you rock your JIG.

Imagine the look on the faces of the girls as you stroll into the club with a 19mm chain and matching JIG bracelet shining. OUCH.

That's heavy man.

Dem girlz gonna come crawling over and their boiz gonna be MAD ting, but won't be able to do anything.

We initially existed to ICE out everyone of my L.A hustlers, but now we exist to ICE out every hustler, now that JIG has gone global.

Hustlers in over 50 countries worldwide are now fully ICED in a JIG Cuban.

johnny cuban

But despite going global, we have to stay true to our roots. The entrepreneurial, hustler Cuban roots of myself and my father.

Because, let's face it not everyone of us Hustlers can just walk down the street, pick up some gear and start selling... some places are a little harder than that know what I mean?

Which is why, for every single JIG item sold, we donate $5 to our chosen Cuban charity.

For every:

  • 1 item we sell, we buy a flash drive for a Cuban youth
  • 5 items we sell, we buy a mobile phone for a Cuban youth
  • 90 items we sell, we buy a laptop for a Cuban youth

The charity we are partnered with is the Roots Of Hope, here is their noble vision:

We envision a day when youth are empowered with the skills and opportunities they deem necessary to make a successful future for themselves and their families. A day where youth on the island can freely say, think, feel, or do what they want, and not what they are told. A day when youth can act purposefully without repression, and work toward rebuilding a civil society that respects the rights of every individual.

They are a wonderful organisation that are supporting the next generation of Cuban entrepreneurs, just like my father was, through technology, entrepreneurship and travel.

So if you are a true hustler, and want to support the next generation of Cuban hustlers… head here:


And get ICED out ;)

Yours truly,

Johnny Cuban

johnny cuban