The Ultimate Guide To Cuban Chain Size & Width

The Ultimate Guide To Cuban Chain Size & Width

Yo homie!

Yeah, yeah I know, you want to get ICED up but not sure which size chain you can rock?

But first... let's get one thing straight.

No homies care if they are fake.

Even some of the richest rappers have been called out for wearing fake jewelry. And they definitely did when they were coming up in the game.

If you have the confidence to wear it, haterz think….

Yo, what if that’s real though?

Who the hell is that person and how do they have the confidence to wear that?

They can’t prove it’s fake unless they steal it and get it tested which you know isn’t going to happen. 

And furthermore... something else I learnt from my father:

"If you have haterz, you are moving in the right direction son"

As the haterz are not mad because you are doing the wrong thing, they are mad because they jealous.

They jealous that you Hustle... and can reward yourself for the Hustle.

So we like to use haterz almost as a compass, to check we are moving forward homie... and you should too.

jig chain size

If you are just starting in the chain game, I would recommend the 24" and then wait before your graduate up to the 30".

We have yet to release a chain greater than 30" but are working on something in the pipeline.

Remember, all chains can be rocked under or over your T, depending on your mood.

If underneath, you still gonna feel like a million bux.

If over, you feel like a million buck and the homies and haterz know you're worth a million bux.

And how about width?

Here is a diagram showing the larger widths in terms of coins:

JIG chain width 

Again, I would start off with a 6 or 10mm and then work your way up to the 19mm bad boi.

Currently our biggest chain is 19mm width but are considering bringing out a 21mm version of the Cuban ICE. Ping me an email on if you think that's a good idea.

But remember... regardless of the chain you rock... if you KNOW you can rock it... it doesn't matter about the size. You will get the respect you deserve.

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